Frederick A. Binkholder, Artistic Director

Kevin Siegfried, Composer in Residence

Frederick Binkholder, Artistic Director of the Capitol Hill Chorale, is pleased to announce the appointment of Kevin Siegfried as the Chorale’s Resident Composer. This is a new position for the Chorale. 

Working with Kevin over the past several years has been very special for the Chorale. We are thrilled to formalize a long-term relationship with him as our Resident Composer and look forward to working with him now on a regular continuing basis,” said Director Binkholder. The Capitol Hill Chorale first performed Siegfried’s music in December 2007, having commissioned I Sing of a Maiden from his collection Three English Carols. In June 2011, the Chorale premiered Child of Earth, a cantata for Mezzo-Soprano, chorus, strings, and harp. To launch the residency, the Chorale premiered Siegfried’s Angels Hovering Round in their “Rivers of Delight” concerts on March 22 and 23, 2014. Watch our video about the “Rivers of Delight” performances, featuring music from the shape note tradition.

The Chorale will collaborate with Dr. Siegfried on a number of future projects simultaneously, with the expectation of performing one or more new works annually. “This is a very special and unusual arrangement,” said Director Binkholder. “Not being limited to a set period means that we can explore, change, and adapt as a creative team, with the possibility of commissioning longer works several years out."

Kevin sat down with Choir & Organ to talk about the musical legacy of the Shakers and his involvement with Shaker music over the past years.

Below, listen to the Capitol Hill Chorale singing "Vum Vive Vum" from Siegfried's Angel of Light - a cantata based on Shaker themes premiered by CHC in 2015.